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Corporate social responsibility

Grillo Antonino

A few years ago, Grillo Antonino Removals began a program to assess and improve their social and environmental impact.

The vision and values.

Our first thought is to ensure a "peaceful removal" through the continuous training of personnel, the use of innovative equipment and by using modern transportation in order to respond to anti-pollution standards, ensuring a low environmental impact.

The daily activities are all based on important corporate values, and each action is performed in compliance with our rules of business conduct.

Our approach to our corporate social responsibility has inspired corporate values such as:

  • Meeting the needs of our customers with a high quality, useful and bespoke service.
  • Striving for a continuous growth in the quality of the services we provide.
  • Respecting the social and the environmental impact of our business.
  • Having employees who are proud to belong to our business and want to grow with it.
  • Guaranteeing a good return to our shareholders.

Corporate social responsibility

Strategies for sustainability.

The strategies adopted by Antonino Grillo provide goals for the sustainability of customer satisfaction on one hand, and for continued growth with a special emphasis on environmental, social, and financial implications on the other:

  • Meeting the needs of employees and the community in a socially responsible way.
  • Attracting and retaining a competent and diverse workforce.
  • Providing continuous training and development.
  • Supporting the communities in which Grillo Antonino Removals has a presence in.

Corporate social responsibility