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Grillo Antonino

A history lasting almost 60 years.

Unique and harmonious, because our family, partners, customers and suppliers made our brand credible - GRILLO ANTONINO Moving home with peace of mind - and with a hint of creativity, emotions and passion, whatever your location, home or business.  With the third generation, a new chapter of our history is beginning, reinforcing the bond between tradition and innovation and opening the door to a great future.

We are strongly attached to the local area, to tradition and to typically Italian forms of "savoir faire".   Our services are carefully targeted and are intended to reflect our culture, which celebrates beauty and joy of living.

Our business serves as a meeting point, bringing together the customer's needs and our desire to provide assistance and solutions, down to the smallest detail.   We analyse ideas and projects, and we are always keen to experiment with new technical solutions, and to promote and implement equipment with the most advanced technologies available.

To us, quality is a very broad concept that not only encompasses respect for production procedures in accordance with the company's most advanced certification systems, but which first and foremost is synonymous with human relations, including understanding, sharing and agreeing with our partners and customers.  That is why we strive to apply the concepts of "attention" and "care" to every context in the best possible way.

One example of this is our concern for the environment and the "land" we come from, which we have developed over almost 60 years of history.