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Special transportation

Grillo Antonino

We do everything possible and then the impossible!

Grillo Antonino Traslochi, is always looking for innovative equipment and are mindful to the protection and safety of customers and employees.  With technical research, we have adopted leading edge external lifting equipment for every type of transportation, including heavy and very delicate.

Special transportation

We have available for your disposal:

  • Aerial platforms and lifts up to 47 m
  • Ladder trucks up to 73m.
  • Hoists for up to 22mt
  • Aerial platforms up to 33m
  • Cranes and barrows for the lifting and movement of machinery and heavy equipment
  • Stair sack barrows, motorised sack barrows
  • Hydraulic equipment for safes
  • Fork lift trucks
  • Vans fro 5m3 to 60m3
  • Water tankers up to 20ql


We can move and transfer factories, workshops and offices giving great care and attention to the removal and transport of machinery and manufacturing equipment (including the positioning of and installation into the new site).

We can undertake removals and shipments by land, sea and air.