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Hygiene certifications

Hygiene certifications.

Antonino Grillo Removals, with the collaboration of technicians and the best sanitary teams in Europe, have adopted an exclusive process of cleaning the trucks and other moving materials.

All of the cardboard boxes are “always new� for each service.

Even the padding and protection for antique furniture or containers for the transportation of either hanging clothes or linens are either "new" or sanitised before use, with special products.

Mattresses are always protected in new PVC containers.

We have also patented the "Trans Hygienic System" that makes the decontamination of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and bacteria that may be harmful to humans possible. The process of sanitation is non-toxic and leaves no residues, is environmentally friendly and is not harmful in any way.

This service is guaranteed on delivery to the client by the "Trans-Hygienic System" certificate.