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Grillo Antonino

Clear pricing, insurance and facilities.

The convenience of Antonino Grillo Removals is at your fingertips! To Milan, Varese, Busto Arsizio, Pavia, Como, Lodi, Bergamo, Sondrio, Novara, as well as Italy and throughout Europe we can offer the best service at competitive prices.

Certainly the argument for "cost" is a key issue. For this reason we estimate the costs very carefully and precisely: the detailed list of items to be handled and the packaging material and services are clearly specified. To this end, it is our practice to perform a pre-inspection visit which allows our technicians to offer the most accurate and realistic quotation. In circumstances where is not possible to do a pre-inspection, we are able to submit a cost estimate based on a detailed list of the goods to be transported and a specification of services required.

Antonino Grillo Removals also provides insurance policies that cover any risk arising from the activity.

We've also formalised a number of agreements that allows favourable terms for all associated with the following organizations, institutions or companies:


  • CDO Compagnia delle Opere;
  • FABI Sindacato bancari;
  • IPSOA;
  • IBM;
  • CRAL Banca Pop. Commercio Industria;
  • CRAL UBS Italia;
  • Credito Commerciale;
  • Coralis ( gruppo BPU);
  • VV.FF.di Milano C.R.A.L.


After you have been given one transparent quotation, on agreement it will be fixed and remain unvaried throughout the duration of the service.

In this way we can guarantee the certainty of your removal costs and offer a truly “Peaceful move�.

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy we have obtained quality management, environmental and safety certification.