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Advice for abroad

Grillo Antonino

Advice for abroad

Grillo Antonino Traslochi can take care of customs procedures. No particular documents are necessary for moves between countries within the EU area.

For intercontinental moves by sea or air, the use of special, careful packing and if necessary, also the provision of made to measure wooden crates are indispensible, which Grillo Antonino Traslochi Traslochi can offer you on request.

For intercontinental moves or those outside the EU, it is also necessary to prepare a precise “packing list� , detailing every object, piece of furniture, furnishings and household goods with the weight and value of each item. It is important to know that the van or container may be inspected for customs checks, and for this reason preparing a detailed, exact list of the goods that the Customer must declare and undersign is indispensible to avoid surprises and red tape with consequent hold-ups in customs.

To this end, Grillo Antonino Traslochi can assist you in every stage with a proper consultation about compilation of the necessary documentation, and advise you on the appropriate Authorities and Bodies for obtaining authorization for the move.

For removals by sea, furniture and household goods already perfectly packed, can be loaded, stowed and blocked for shipment in 20’ , 40’ or 40’ high cube containers, depending on the overall volume.

Our aim is always to offer every Customer “a worry-free move� also for moves abroad.

Advice for abroad