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Personalized furniture storage

Grillo Antonino

Warehousing, storage units and safes for rental.

To guarantee your peace of mind, we offer an important additional service. We provide warehouses, storage units and containers in many different sizes. These are made available inside our modern facilities built with cutting-edge technologies and are able to ensure the integrity of furniture, household goods or archives, preserving everything with the utmost security and privacy, for both short and long term storage.

The storage facility is assigned exclusively to you to ensure complete security: Your furniture will be kept in a private storage unit and reserved for the duration of the contract, and the storage unit will be opened only upon your request.

All storage facilities, item warehouses, and furniture storage facilities at Assago in Milan and are equipped with:

  • Fire prevention systems
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • CC TV video surveillance systems

Personalized furniture storage