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Times for the removal

Grillo Antonino

Times for the removal


Request, by appointment, a survey by one of our representatives to clarify your needs and gain the necessary information to finalise a quotation:

  • Quotation for the packaging of furniture.
  • Quotation for the disassembly.
  • Quotation for the move.
  • Quotation for assembly
  • Quotation for waste removal.
  • Quotation for unpacking and replacement of items into the pieces of furniture.
  • Quotation for gardeners.
  • Quotation for furniture modifications.
  • Quotation for crane/lift rental.
  • Quotation for standard removals.

This survey will not be performed for laborious and unnecessary work.

Request an on-line quatation.

Times for the removal


First, you sort out what you do not want to take the new site.

This will allow you to see whether or not you will want to proceed with your own packaging or whether it is better to seek the help of our staff.
BE CAREFUL not to underestimate the amount to be moved, because the actual packing of items can be a source of great inconvenience as the contents of the furniture, when in boxes, will double the volume to be moved.
Arrange for packaging materials t be delivered if you aim to do the packing on your own.
Organise a contract and define the tasks the removal company will need to perform.
During the packing stage, write the contents clearly on each box, and the location it should be moved to.
Study where the furniture will be relocated to and verify the measurements.
If you must work within a shared a space, communicate the date of the move to your building administrators.


Times for the removal


Will be the packing of the final items.
Prepare a "survival kit" that will be needed after the removal operations to resume work as soon as possible for your most pressing business activities.
Coordinate with plumbers and electricians for connections to ensure adequate connections to the new building are completed in time for the move.
Arrange for the new site to be cleaned.


It is necessary to maintain a presence during all stages in order to work with our team leader.
At the end of the loading in conjunction with the foreman, check that everything has been loaded that needs to be transported.
Go to the new premises to provide guidelines on the positioning of furniture.
On completion of the unloading and assembly of furniture, check with the foreman that everything is as it should be.
Communicate with the foreman on the completion of your move, giving feedback as to how you feel the job went.


After the move you may be contacted by our Customer Care department who will ask you to complete a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire.

This will give us the opportunity to hear your opinions and suggestions, which we believe to be the most valuable aid in our continuous search for improvement in quality of services that we offer.