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Packaging material


A fundamental point

When organising a move, it is essential to focus on the choice of packaging.

For items to be transported without damage, it is important that they are packed correctly. This means that nothing should be left to chance: good packaging must consist of both the right materials, which guarantee the integrity and security of your possessions, and the right dimensions so that they are easy to transport.

Protection is also important: for fragile and delicate objects, for example, it is thought to be sufficient to wrap them in sheets of paper, in reality the best security is guaranteed by bubble wrap.

For mirrors and works of art, on the other hand, made-to-measure wooden crates would be ideal, in order to guarantee maximum stability during transport.



What packaging we provide:

For your move, whether you move with us or choose ‘do it yourself’, we can provide you with the right equipment:

  • Boxes for books and heavy material mm 435 x 310 x 376
  • Boxes for laundry and bulky material mm 590 x 445 x 350
  • Sturdy boxes for fragile and glassware mm 460 x 365x 460
  • Hanging clothes boxes mm 495 x 495 x 1300
  • PVC mattress covers
  • Bubble wrap bags
  • Pluribal of 1.50 metres in height
  • Roll of adhesive tape

We also make custom-made wooden crates on request to protect your valuables.