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Cleaning and sanitising for your move

Pulizia e igienizzazione per il tuo trasloco

One more service

During the years of growth of Grillo Antonino Traslochi, we felt the need to offer an extra service by sanitising our vehicles and materials.

So, in 2004, talking to some doctors, we started to study how to make moving more hygienic and safer for our customers, and started to look for products and equipment that would not only allow us to sanitise our materials that were used for multiple removals, but were also safe for people’s health and the environment.

Research made us realise that in order to meet our expectations, it was necessary to create an ad-hoc patent, a patent that later gave rise to our certified Trans Hygienic System brand.

Birth of the Trans Hygienic System

We drew up a standard procedure for the sanitisation process through detailed examinations before and after the sanitisation treatment.

Subsequently, we decided to extend the sanitisation operation not only to the vehicles and removal materials, but also to the boxes and containers in which our customers' furniture is stored and kept.

Thanks to the ‘Trans Hygienic System’ method, it is possible to achieve decontamination from bacteria, moulds, yeasts and in general from all those microbes that are potentially pathogenic to humans.

The process of sanitising equipment and objects includes packaging materials, padding, special protection for antique furniture and containers for transporting hanging clothes and/or linen, which we supply new or sanitised before use.

Free of toxins and residues and completely environmentally friendly, the sanitisation process we carry out during removals is guaranteed with the delivery of the ‘Trans-Hygienic System’ certificate.

Hygiene and cleanliness in removals is part of our 5-star service, attentive to all our customers’ needs.

Pulizia e igienizzazione